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In the early days the girls only called in Spanish now they call in English too why in this? The answer is la copa de la vida. It was Ricky's song for the 1998 world cup * people loved it .and now this name is famous in every country

Ricky marine's music in happy music .but his story is not all about happy times. There were difficult times .too. too

A chrisymas boy

On december 24 .1971 nereida morales and enrique martin had a son . his name was enrique  martin morales iv but they called him kike the family  lived in san juan .puerto rico .

Kiki is a  christmas  boy , nereidas mother said .

Hes going to be  famous . in 1973 .kikis father moved away  from the family home .kiki wasn’t unhappy about this .his mother  and father were good friends .and he had  two home.

Nereidas mother was right about kiki .at five years  old . he had liked to perform in the  street with his friends.

Kikis going to be a star one day .people said

A year later .kiki went to an audition ror a tv commercial with his father .he did the job . and the tv station wanted to work with him again .after that .kiki did eleven commercials in five years .now he wasn’t only famous in his street .nereidas christmas boy was famous in all of puerto rico .he was only ten .

A year later kiki auditioned for the band menudo .

The boy in the band were  young .but they were stars in latin america. They sang and danced .people loved  to watch them .

Kiki did well at the audition .but menudo didn’t want him in the band .you sing ok .they said and you  can dance .but youre short .we  want tall boys in the band .

After a year .kiki went to audition number two .but menudo  said no again .kiki was unhappy .he liked  the band very much .and he wantedto be in it .it was a difficult time for him . but he didn’t stop trying .

Audition number there was in 1984 .this time menudo said yes. kiki was in the band  he didn’t konow about the problems in front of him .

Problems in the family

Kiki had a good time with menudo . the band playeh in many countries and stayed in expensive hotels.every month.they performed new songs and  dances .this was important to kiki. But the job wasn’t all good .sometime .kiki worked from eight ovlock in the  motninig to twelve oclock at  night . he didn’t see his friends or his family every day .

kikis home was usually at his mothers house . this was difficult for this fathewr because  he didn’t  see  kiki very often . one day enrique said . you cant live with  me and your mother .where are you going to live?

Kiki stayed with his mother . his father was very angry .after that didn’t talk for ten years

There were problems with his mother .too .they were usually about achool and work .sometimes .kiki didn’t go home .

He stayed with  frieds .and nereida didn’t like this .

Kiki was unhappy with his family .and he wanted a new name .from 1985 .foueteen – year old enrique  martin morales iv was ricky martin .

Ricky finished with menudo in 1989.the band was good for me and good for my music .ricky remembered later .but it was bad for my family

A vacation in new york

After menudo .ricky went back to school finished .and he talked to his mother, i,m going to new york for ten days ,he said ,

But it wasn’t only ten days . ricky loved new york and stayed there . his mother wasn’t very  happy . but new york was important ror ricky .he had a lot of money from his years with menudo ,and  he lived well in new york ,away from his family ,he visited famous places,and he was with new and interesting people .

He worked.too.in menudo .he was one on five people in a band . now the wanted to be ricky  martin :one man ,not a band .after a year in new york ,ricky wanted to perform in fint of people  again .

Then a producer from mexico city called .please come and in a theater  show,the producer said .the show was mama ama el rock .

Ricky said goodbye to new york and moved to mexico

                  Tv ,theater , concerts, and movies

Ricky liked to act , he liked to danced, and he liked to sing .in mama amael rock ,he did these three things well.a tv producer watched ricky and wanted him for a television show ,alcanzar una estrella ii.ricky finshed mama ama el rock and stared his new job .it was 1991,and he was a macican tv star.

Ricky was pablo ,s singer in  a band .the band ,munecos de paple ,made a cd  of song from the show .juego de ajedrez was one of rickys songs ,and people loved it .

Now they wanted to see Ricky sing away from television

Ricky was a famous singer again .he did concerts .

Then he made ricky martin ,a cd of his song .the  cd was a big success for ricky in latin amereca .he the songs at concerts a lot of countries .

Aftersix months , he made a new cd , me amars . this was a big success ,too.but it was a spanish success .not  many people tlked about ricky martin in the united states ricky wanted to be a success in english , too .

How can I be a success in the us ? he asked people

Don’t stay in mexico ,they said .

Ricky listened in 1993, he stopped doing concerts and went t o los  angeles . he wanted to be a famous singewr , but he wanted to act again , too

Ricky first job was on the television show getting by .

Then , he went to general  hospital , a very famous show in the united states .ricky was miguel morez .

Miguel worked in a bar with lily (lilly melgar) .he was a singer too. Ricky worked on general hospital  for fifteen montha.and amerecans loved him .

But things weren̉t all good.ricky was unhappy about the poroblem with his father .he wanted to be friends with him . they talked on the telephon .after this , ricky was happy about his work and his famiky now , he wanted to sing again .

Ricky made a new cd a medio vevir ,with robi rosa ,a friend from menudo ,maria ,one of songs from the cd ,was a big success.suddenly ,people wanted to see ricky sing in concert .this was difficult he had the job on general hospital .but for ricky ,music always came first .in  january 1996 ,he finished with the show .but there was no time for a vocation .he had five month of latin american  concert in front of him .

In a newapaper story,ricky said ,I want to perform on broadway *then a broadway proucer called ricky ,and june 1996,he went back to new work for three months ,he was narius in the shoe les miserables .

A lot of people watched ricky in les miserables .

There were fans many countries ,people from new york and,of course,his family from puerto rico .they all loved the show .the newspapers said good things about him ,too ,ricky was now a broadway star .

It was a beautiful time ,he said .

Ricky went on vacation for a month .then he started  doing concerts again .there were concerts in europe ,asia,america,and the united states . the work was difficult.in the winter of 1996-7 ,ricky wasn’t well

Take a vacation ,his doctorsaid ,or youre goin to be sick .

Ricky listened .he diden̉t  finish the concerts .some of his fans were unhappy .rickywas sorry about this.

But the diden̉t  want to get sick .he went to his new home in miami .he wanted to be quiet. He wanted to see his fmily .and he wanted to maked his house in miami a beautiful place .

then,in may 1997 ,a new job arrived ,the  produers of disney had a new childrent movie,herciles .the movise was in english ,but they wanted it in spanish ,too.ricky was hercules in the movie for spain and latin america

in 1991 people only remembered  little ricky –the boy from menudo .six years later ,ricky martin was a tv star ,a theater star ,a movie star,and a famouse singer .

a song for soccer1998 was the year of the soccer word cup . the  games usully open with music ,and people wanted rickỷs music ,ricky wanted to sing ,but he diden̉t want to perform maria.he finish a new song with his friend robi rosa.it was la copa de la vida –rickỷs song for the world cup.

He performed the song before the first game .people loved it .and every world cup gam was a commercial for it .in one month .vuelve ,rickys new cd ,had sales of 1,000,000.

Of course ,people liked la copa de la vidas in the united states ,too .but soccer was not the number one game in the us .people didn’t hear the song all the time

Then ,in february 1999,ricky was on he grammy a ward *show.he had an award for vuelve , and he performed la copa de la vida .he performed very well .people at the show danced with him .suddenly ,ricky and this song were a success in the united states .

Ricky martin was a new word star

Family ,friends ,and fans

Some famous stars liked being with people all the time .

They go to town with friends later at night .they drink in bars .they watch show .they dance in expensive places .they live with noise, but Ricky doesn’t like noise, at home, he likes doing quiet things, he reads

He walks by the ocean .he sleeps.

He likes thinking, too. He thinks about interesting questions .who am I ?what do I want to do ?where do I want to go ?buddhim answers some of thes questions for him .buddhism is important to ricky to ricky .he often reads the books of the indean teacher ,deepak chopra ,in december 1998 ,he visited indea ,the home of buddhism . ricky is a quiet young man but  he is an interesting young man too .

Young ricky had problems with his mother and father ,but he is very happy with his family .they often meet .some times they meet at rickys home in miami .sometimes ricky goes to his old home in puerto rico .

Rickys frinds are important to him ,too.of cours,

There are a lot of dirlfriends . their names are aften in the newspapers :lilly melgar ,rebecca de alba adriana biegs .but he doesn’t want to live with one girl .one day I amgoing to find the night girl ,ricky says ,but now ,I live for my music.

And ricky fans are happy with the music ,ricky martin ,his first cd in english ,is a big success.on of the songs ,livin la vida loca ,was number one in the united states .now it̉s number one in the world .

They called la copa de la vida the word cop song ,they call livin la vida loca the millennium song the christmas boy from puerto rico is the world̉s number one singer, but he isn̉t  going to stop now .many new thing are waiting for ricky martin , he is famous besause he can do a lot of things well .and he can do them with a smile.

For that ,rickỷs fans say, we love you ,

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